iRate Cloud based research:
  • Easily build a database panel
  • Produce consistent and reliable samples
  • Data analyse using advanced proprietary algorithms
  • Radio Research from Ryan Research

    Ryan Research is a broadcast media research and programming consultancy specialising in international radio research. With worldwide experience working across 19 countries, our radio research expertise includes music research and music testing along with broader online research. We understand how to develop formats to their full potential whether they are based on international or localised music genres and speech.
    At Ryan Research, we have used our previous success and experience across 19 countries to develop our skills in effective problem solving and strategic research. Find out more about the complete range of strategic research services we offer...
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    iRate is our proprietary cloud based online research software. With increasing competition from on-demand and streaming services, listeners don't have to put up with a poor song choice. iRate is the cost effective way to ensure that each song you play is right on here.
    Ryan Media and Research Ltd (Ryan Research) was established in 2003. Today, the Company provides research and consultancy services to broadcasters in countries across the world including Australia, UK, Ireland, Greece, Holland, Portugal, Spain and Italy. Find out more...
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    iRate really helps save us a fortune in research costs… but besides the cost saving, I find it the most effective and user friendly online research platform on the market. Combining great support and knowledgeable input, iRate is definitely staying in our budget for 2015.

    Peter Yiamarelos, Head of Radio, Mad Radio, Athens, Greece

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